Painting the Keys 2018

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Painting the Keys

We are a paint party business that services the Fl Keys. We use canvas, wood and other unique items like platters and bowls to create beautiful art pieces that you bring home with you! Our business has been successfully providing fun classes up and down the Keys for the past two years. The owner and founder of Painting the Keys, a well established Marine Artist named Jessica Ann, provides the Keys community with paint nights, private parties, take home paint nights in a box, fundraiser events, and much much more. 

JESSICA ANN - The Artist

Jessica Ann Hessing is full-time artist living in Key largo, FL. She was born and raised in the Florida Keys and her artwork is full of local inspiration.

Jessica is a marine-life inspired artist. She creates pieces that are all influenced by her love for the ocean, her educational background in marine biology, and most importantly, her desire to recreate the beauty she sees every day in the Florida Keys.

She has been making a name for herself since 2009 when she really began selling her artwork in shows and events, although she has been creating since before she could walk.

Jessica typically paints with acrylics on canvas, driftwood, or other recycled objects. She truly is a one of a kind artist with her own personal style. She paints with vibrant colors and thick, bold outlines. Her beautiful paintings are distinct and easily recognizable all across the country.


Kelsey Cecil, sister to Jessica Ann, has been working with Jessica "behind the scenes" the last two years. Although living in Central America, Kelsey manages various items regarding graphic design, scheduling and now the entire platform of Painting the Keys. Don't be surprised to see Kelsey teaching many of the classes up and down the Keys and hosting many of our private party events. 



Visit Jessica Ann Art's personal page for Artwork & Apparel

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